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Lightweight Wheelchairs to Help Your Independence in Minehead, Somerset

At Independent Living, we know how important extra support is when you’re out and about in Minehead, Somerset. That’s why we provide a range of products which are perfect for your daily excursions. These include lightweight wheelchairs and walking sticks, designed to be portable. Whatever your age, requirements, and general mobility, our products are tailored to you.


Lightweight Active Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are for general lightweight use. Each one is designed to be easily moveable, and this allows for optimum speed and efficiency when out and about.

Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs

If travelling is something that you enjoy, then one of these folding wheelchairs is ideal. They are designed to be stored easily, whether that’s in a car, or in a cupboard once you arrive at your destination.

Manual Wheelchairs

Whether you use this wheelchair occasionally, or every day, the comfort that offered is great for all needs and requirements. Each one is constructed from lightweight titanium, meaning that they’re also great for active people too.

Walking Sticks

Whether you want a traditional wooden walking with a crooked handle, or a folding stick to fit in a backpack, we have something perfect for you. We provide you with everything you need to remain independent, safe, and supported. For further assistance, we’re also able to supply tripods and quadrupeds.


The crutches that we supply are designed to give comfort, and to reduce pressure on the joints. Whether you’re recovering from a recent injury, or have a long-term condition, our crutches are great for helping your mobility when at work, home, or elsewhere. All crutches are made from aluminium, and have non-marking slip-resistant tips on the end.

Lightweight Walkers

These lightweight walkers come with four wheels, and this is to give you the best support possible. Each walker also comes with its own seat, so you’re able to pause for a little while when you’re out and about. This is twinned with the back support to give you the very best in comfort and usability.

Tri-Wheel Walkers

These walking aids are practical and are the most manoeuvrable walking aids on offer. This is because you’re able to fold them for easy storage and transportation. Each tri-wheel walker comes with easy-to-use breaks and a waterproof storage bag.

Trolley Walkers

The trolley walker is perfect for shopping trips, as you combine the use of a trolley with a walking aid. If you need to go shopping, or have things you keep with you, trolley walkers are incredibly versatile, offering outstanding levels of walking support.

Walker Rest Seats

These walkers are ideal for long days out, with a seat built in for you to take a breath when needed. These walkers ensure you can relax wherever and whenever you want to. The folding seat enables it to also be used as a standing walking aid.

Walking Frames

Our walking frames allow you to be able to walk safely and with independence. These are particularly great for those with arthritis or similar conditions. They’re also great for those who struggle at home, and particularly those who use a riser recliner to stand up.