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A riser recliner chair provides a range of benefits to you and your posture. They don’t just help you to get up and settle down; they also actively work on your posture. Our preferred partner is Cosi Chair, who excels at crafting chairs that look great and aid your health. Independent Living always strives to put you first. Based in Minehead, Somerset, our aim is to provide you with a chair that meets your needs perfectly.

Helping You Stand up or Sit down

All riser recliners work on the same basic principle - you press a button and the chair slowly raises you up to a standing position. Sitting down is a reverse of this process. You position yourself on the raised seat and press a button, causing the chair to lower slowly. You should keep your hands on the arm rests while the chair is moving. The seat usually tips forward as well as going up, and this helps you to stand. For some, especially those with weak legs or difficulty controlling their legs, this may be a little scary. Some of our chairs are programmable so that they just go straight up, without any tipping.

How It Works

Most recliners are operated by either one or two motors, though some have more. The more motors the chair has, the more flexible it is. Chairs with one motor lift the leg rest and recline back so you’re able to sit with your feet up and back relaxed. Two-motor chairs are more flexible, and you’re able to move the leg rest up and down. You’re also able to move the back rest backwards and forwards independently. For many people, a one-motor chair is enough, and they’re sometimes seen as more useful than a two-motor chair that doesn’t have tilt in space.

What We Do

We always strive to get you the best product, and one that is perfect to you. You’re able to talk through your circumstances with our experts, and this may help you to find something you’d didn’t expect. Our showroom is the best place to come to see what rise and recline chairs are available.

Helping at Home

Once you’re out of the chair, the stairs have a way of looking daunting. Our stair lifts take the worry away, and we have a lift to suit everyone. Reclaim the top floor of your home with a brand-new stair lift.